Difference between Hospitality and Hotel Management courses

People often mix the meaning of hospitality and hotel management, these may look same but there is a lot of difference in it. These are the sub branches of tourism industry. It is important that a student should know the difference between the two so that he can choose the right course.  Though both the courses are booming but has difference.

If we talk about the hospitality industry then it  includes a wide range of industry such as hotels, airlines, restaurants, travel, malls, banks, multiplexes, retail stores, etc. In hotel management, as the name depicts only hotel and hotel related industry or works are included such as managing, housekeeping, accounting, front office operations, food & beverages, bars, restaurants, , night clubs, theme parks , catering,   etc.

As hospitality industry includes many other industries, it gives wider scope. So if you go for hospitality management courses then, you will have a wider choice in future.  You can get a job in any field such as airlines, travels, banks, malls and any related industry. In Hospitality management courses,  different level of courses available from bachelors level that includes B.A., B.Sc., BBA, to master level courses.

Anyone student who has cleared the higher secondary  exams can get admission in the hospitality or hotel management courses. In these courses, they are taught about accounting, management, marketing and finance with reference to hotels, restaurants, tourism and travel industry. But yes in hotel management courses, the course subjects are  specifically related to hotels and hotel industry.

The term of Bachelor’s degree in hospitality is three years whereas it is two years for master’s degree.  These courses come under University Grants Commission. When it comes to bachelor degree courses in hotel management, it is usually of  four years and affiliated by All India council for technical education(AICTE). The courses for hotel management  include the subjects of hotel’s accounting, maintenance, food and beverages, housekeeping and give also specialization in it. After these courses, students can get a job in all types of hotels according to specialization.

If you go for MBA, you have to clear the CAT/MAT/ZAT for taking admission in these courses. Nowadays, MBA courses also offer campus placement, so you can easily get a job in after course.

In master degree, students get specialization in managerial works. So after master degree, you can get a higher level of a job such as of assistant manager or managers according to experience in the relevant field.

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